FY 2018 RISP Infographics

How have residence sizes changed since 1977?

Set of five pie charts showing the proportion of people in group settings of 1 to 6 people, 7 to 15 people or 16 or more people. Total number of people getting LTSS in a setting other than with a family member was 247,780 in 1977, 255,673 in 1987, 324,567 in 1997, 424,595 in 2007 and 516,529 in 2018.

The number of people with IDD getting funded supports while living somewhere other than with a family member increased from 247,780 in 1977 to 516,629 in 2018. In 1977, of the people getting supports who did not live with a family member, 84% lived in a setting of 16 or more people, 8% lived in settings of 7 to 15 people, and 8% lived in settings with 6 or fewer people. By 2018, only 7% lived in a setting of 16 or more people, while 10% lived with 7 to 15 people and 83% lived in a home with six or fewer people with IDD.

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