TIES Inclusive Education Roadmap

School Level Communication Plan

Communication Plans should be developed for all Equitable Inclusive Leadership Teams (EILT) regardless of the level of the team. While similiar in structure, the plans at different levels of the system are not implemented identically because of the complexity of the work at each level. 

Below is a sample of the components of a communication plan for the School level EILT:


To ensure timely and shared communication related to  the work of the School EILT

Information to communicate(for example, updates, data, successes, challenges)

  • Action plans and timelines, updated as needed
  • Task assignments 
  •  LRE and other relevant data 
  • Questions that need to be answered to continue forward movement
  • Challenges and solutions

  • Completed work products 

  • Showcase successes and disseminate information for scaling up and sustainability purposes

Responsible Individual(s)

  • Schedule meetings and send out agendas and other relevant documents
  • Schedule professional learning opportunities 
  • Follow up on assigned tasks
  • Communicate with administration
  • Communicate with other decision-makers

Technology choices

  • Most communication will be via email
  • Urgent questions can be communicated by text
  • Set up a folder in the school drive to store and work on documents

Response timeline

  • Email turnaround will be 48 hours
  • Text turnaround will be 24 hours (no texting on weekends)

Communication with other groups

  • Parent-Teacher Organization

  • Special ed parents group

  • School faculty and staff