TIES Inclusive Education Roadmap RETIRED

The Inclusive Education Action Plan
The Culmination of the IER

  • Form the team
  • Review your system data and complete RISE initial reflection
  • Identify 1-2 RISE focus areas for further study
  • Complete RISE Focus Area Reflection to determine system priorities for change
  • Creat you Action Plan using the TIES IER

Plan with the TIES Goals in Mind

  • Time in general education
  • Instructional Effectiveness
  • Engagement in general education classes with general education peers
  • System support for inclusive education

The purpose and culmination of the Inclusive Education Roadmap (IER) is to create and implement your Inclusive Education Action Plan. This plan template is available for download below. As you follow the IER, utilize this template to create your organization's Action Plan.

Downloadable Inclusive Education Action Plan

TIES Inclusive Education Action Plan

Checklist for Getting Started
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