TIES Inclusive Education Roadmap

Setting the Stage


A group of elementary-aged students who are standing outside near a playground and smiling at the camera. They are all brightly dressed.

The TIES Center is committed to building equitable and inclusive education for each and every student, including students with significant cognitive disabilities. In our work with students, families, educators and administrators, questions continuously arise about how to build an inclusive system. How do we explain to others what we are doing and why? How do we know where we are at and what the next steps are? How do we scale up? How do we integrate the multiple initiatives in our district with inclusive education? 

The TIES Inclusive Education Roadmap (IER) helps answer these questions. Organizations do not enter the change process at the same place. They travel different paths as they develop inclusive systems. They focus on different priorities at different times. The IER supports this level of individualization and customization. Grounded in the research-base of Implementation Science, the IER provides an array of tools, structures, processes and resources to support systems change. This includes determining where an organization is in developing inclusive systems and identifying next steps for moving forward. 

We are thankful for all of the insights that students and parents, educators and administrators at all levels of the system have shared with us, and the TIES Partners who were committed to developing the IER. Together we are stronger!