TIES Inclusive Education Roadmap RETIRED

How to Use the Inclusive Education Roadmap (IER)

The Inclusive Education Roadmap (IER) is an array of tools, structures, processes and resources that were developed to support building sustainable inclusive education systems. The steps are designed to guide organizations as they progress from the Exploration Stage to Full Implementation over several years. While users can explore parts of the IER at their discretion, the intent is not that the IER be read from start to finish. The tools, structures, processes and resources in the IER are incorporated into the Implementation Stages as the change process progresses. For example, the Capacity Building Drivers include Selection, Professional Development and Coaching. Details about each of these Drivers are explored as the Equitable Inclusive Leadership Team (EILT) develops its Action Plan. These Drivers will be revisited repeatedly and considered as an organization scales up the practices they have prioritized, as well as adds new priorities to their action plans.

During Step 2 of the IER, an organization conducts the Reflection on Inclusive Systems of Education (RISE). The RISE supports the EILT as it learns about the features of inclusive education systems and prioritizes where to begin its development work. The RISE is conducted once a year. Through this repetitive process, additional priorities are identified to ensure continued improvement of an education system that is inclusive of students with disabilities, including those with significant cognitive disabilities. Resources that support knowledge and skill development related to the RISE align with the wealth of TIES Center resources on inclusive education systemic change, inclusive instruction, communicative support, and peer engagement.