TIES Inclusive Education Roadmap RETIRED

State Guidance: EILT Communication Plan

Communication Plans should be developed for all Equitable Inclusive Leadership Teams (EILT) regardless of the level of the team. The Communication Plan Guiding Questions (in General Guidance) apply to all EILT levels, but they are not implemented identically because of the complexity of the work at each level. 

Based on the overall communication plan guidance document, below is a sample Communication Plan for a State EILT


To ensure timely and shared communication related to aligning the work of the State EILT to assure progress in increasing inclusive education for each and every student.

Information to communicate (for example, updates, data, successes, challenges)

  • State EILT Action plans and timelines, updated as needed, and revisited as part of the team’s routines
  • Task assignments based on the focus areas of the action plan
  • Share LRE and other relevant data in a timeline manner 
  • Questions that need to be answered to continue forward movement
  • Challenges and solutions

  • Completed work products 

  • Showcase successes and determine means to disseminate this information for scaling up statewide and building sustainability

Responsible Individual(s)

Ensure that specific individuals are assigned to each type of communication listed below:

  • Schedule meetings and send out agendas and other relevant documents
  • Schedule professional learning opportunities for stakeholders as needed
  • Follow up on assigned tasks


We will use a shared drive that will include:

  • EILT Schedules
  • Official meetings notes
  • Action plan with updates
  • De-identified state and district data related to LRE and student outcomes

Work and organization emails will be used to communicate in a timely manner.

Response timeline

  • The timelines in the Action Plan will be shared along with decision points noted in the action plan steps to assure meaningful progress forward.
  • Items needing prompt attention will be noted in the Subject Line with the note “Timely Response Needed”

Response format

Decisions will be dated in the document and noted in the action plan steps for assuring meaningful progress forward

Dissemination to Other Groups

Assign responsibility for disseminating information to and requesting information from other related implementation teams and stakeholder groups.