TIES Inclusive Education Roadmap

Getting started with the EILT

The Equitable Inclusive Leadership Team (EILT) leads the work of needs assessment, action planning, and implementation for the purpose of building equitable and effective inclusive education systems for all students with an explicit but not exclusive focus on students with significant cognitive disabilities. 

  • Students with a variety of skills and abilities can effectively learn together in general education classrooms.
  • All students are seen as general education students. Some students need special education support and services to have access to general education.
  • Access to general education standards and curriculum in inclusive classrooms is an evidence-based best practice for students with disabilities, including students with significant cognitive disabilities.

Guiding Questions

  1. Can you repurpose or add to the responsibilities of an existing team (equity team, instructional leadership team, etc.)  or is a new team needed? 
  2. How will you ensure representation of all stakeholders and demographic groups present in the school community? 
  3. What knowledge and skills will the team need in order to move inclusive educational initiatives forward (for example, evidence-based practices in inclusive education, local administrative infrastructure, family perspectives, implementation strategies)?
  4. Are there potential gaps in team knowledge and skills? If so, how will you fill those gaps (for example, Institutions of Higher Education (IHE) faculty, state department of education staff, inclusive education consultants)?
  5. How do you want to configure your EILT?  How many members should be on the team? Levels of a system organize differently given the scope of their work. See state, district, and school examples below:
  6. Does the team include at least one champion of inclusive education PDF ? If not, how can you recruit one or more champions?
  7. How will you evaluate the effectiveness of the team?

TIES Scaffolding Teams Guidance for Each System Level

Implementation teams and champions are critical to successful implementation efforts. ​ Guidance for each level (state, district, and school) is provided on the following three pages, respectively. You may also skip to any of these levels by using the menu to access each level directly.