TIES Inclusive Education Roadmap RETIRED

Five Focus Areas of the RISE

The RISE is composed of 5 Focus Areas essential to systems change for inclusive education including:

  1. Values and Climate: the conditions that result in equitable and inclusive state, district, and school communities. 
  2. Placement and Settings: those policies and practices essential to general education school and class placements and access to all instructional and extracurricular activities for students with disabilities.
  3. General Education Curriculum Content and Access: both the content of instruction and the conditions that enable access to general education curricula for all students, including students with significant cognitive disabilities.
  4. Instructional Practices: the evidence-based methods and characteristics of teaching used for instruction of students with disabilities with general education classes, lessons, activities, and routines.
  5. Education Systems: the structures and processes that reflect a unified (general and special education) approach to state, district, and school administration including scheduling; personnel allocations, hiring, and assignment of roles and responsibilities; transportation; and use of multi-tiered systems of support.