TIES Inclusive Education Roadmap RETIRED

RISE Part 1: Focus Area Reflection

During the RISE Part 1: Focus Area Reflection, the team reflects on each individual Focus Area. To do this, the EILT will:

  • Review the definition of one Focus Area and discuss strengths and need areas of their system in relation to the Focus Area,
  • Score their system on how well they feel is organization is addressing this Focus Area,
  • Repeat this process until all Focus Areas are scored, and
  • Rank the Focus Areas to determine which are the 1-2 area(s) they will do a deeper-dive during the RISE Part 2. This priority Focus Area(s) will be the focus of the Action Plan.

Systems cannot focus on everything at the same time so one (or a maximum of two) Focus Area is prioritized. Over time, a team will implement all five focus areas to create and sustain an inclusive education system.

RISE Focus Area  Reflection (Part 1). This illustration shows the five steps in the first part of the RISE where the EILT progresses from reviewing the five Focus Areas and Sets of Features to rating their importance in reaching the intended outcomes to prioritizing 1-2 Priority Focus Areas for deeper review.