TIES Inclusive Education Roadmap RETIRED

RISE Part 2: Features Reflection

The RISE (Part 2): Features Reflection process gives the team an opportunity to dig deeper into the policies, practices, and procedures within the 1-2 RISE Focus Areas that were identified at the conclusion of the RISE (Part 1): Focus Area Reflection. During Part 2, the team will:

  • Discuss the sytem's data related to inclusive education to ground the going deeper into the Priority Focus Area,
  • Reflect on each Feature within one Set of Features,
  • Rate its system practices for the entire Set of Features,
  • Repeat this process until all of the Sets of Features in this Priority Focus Area are scored,¬†
  • Determine the system priorities for implementation, and
  • Include this information in the Action Planning process in the TIES Inclusive Education Roadmap (IER).
RISE Features  Reflection (Part 2). This illustration shows the five steps in the second part of the RISE where the EILT progresses from reviewing their data, reading through the Sets of Features within the Priority Focus Area identified in Part 1, scoring their system on the presence or absence of these features, and then finally determining the priority features to focus on in the Action Plan.