Frontline Initiative Person-Centered Practices

Frontline Notes

Welcome to the issue on person-centered practices. This issue has been a joy to put together. We have brought together voices on what has been happening in this work around the country. Person-Centered Thinking is a dynamic skill that considers how a person truly wants to direct their lives. People who receive services are often expected to conform and fit into routines and procedures set up by service providers or caregivers. However current service standards, which include state and federal requirements, are providing more room for person-centered practices. Person-centered practices are at the forefront as services shift away from a system-centered focus.

The articles in this issue illustrate the hard work that Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) do when supporting people to have the lives they desire. These DSPs understand that person-centered support is not about giving people what they want whenever they want it. Rather it is about helping people explore their hopes, dreams, and desires while having their needs met. DSPs work alongside people to help them achieve their goals. They provide support to help people have the best life possible.

We hope that reading this edition will further your understanding of what it means to support people as they wish to be supported. What does it mean to be person-centered? How can you carry that knowledge to positively impact the people you support? How will that knowledge impact you, your coworkers, and the organizations where you work? We encourage you to seek and explore new ways to provide support while expanding your understanding of person-centered approaches. We also invite you to join us for a webinar on this issue hosted by John Raffaele. Find information using the link below.