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Delaware Center Offers Seminars for Support Management

In order to promote the participation and acceptance of individuals with disabilities in the community, support professionals must know how to help people plan desired lifestyles, teach needed skills, and communicate effectively with families, professionals, and other community members. Using highly interactive training methods, the Quality Service and Support (QSS) seminars offered by the Center for Disabilities Studies in Delaware examine current concepts and practices in the support of individuals with disabilities.

The QSS Certificate Program consists of 78 hours of classroom study during the fall and spring semesters. The following are some of the topics covered by the seminars —

  • Lifespan Issues in Developmental Disabilities — examines the major events that all individuals face over the course of a lifetime while highlighting special issues confronted by people with disabilities and their families.
  • Families — profiles how disabilities commonly effect families.
  • Effective Communication — discusses the variety of ways we communicate, with and without words.
  • Community and Natural Supports — overviews natural supports, the often unused resources available in local communities.
  • Vocational Training — surveys and evaluates diverse models of vocational support including competitive, supported, and sheltered work.
  • Recreation and Leisure — explores aspects of life that are often overlooked by traditional programming.
  • Assistive Technology — surveys applications of technology in the support of people with disabilities in the areas of communication, mobility, and self-care.

For the development of management and supervisory skills, the center also offers the Quality Management and Supervision in Human Services (QMS) Certificate Program. This program will offer the newly promoted manager or supervisor a framework of management techniques that will assist in the transition from a staff position to a formal position of responsibility and leadership.

In order to receive a QMS certificate, participants must attend 18 seminars and colloquia for the fall and spring semesters. Individual modules may also be attended on an open-enrollment basis by anyone not interested in obtaining a certificate. The QMS Seminars include —

  • Introduction to Supervision — examines the basic skills of management, supervision and leadership that human service managers need to manage successfully in a changing environment.
  • Morale and Motivation — profiles proactive and reactive strategies that enhance the work environment in ways that affect morale and motivation favorably.
  • Coaching —explores techniques used by good coaches to get average employees to do exceptional work. Delaware Center Offers Seminars for Support and Management
  • Working with Your Boss and Other Professionals —examines the importance of establishing solid relationships with bosses and other professionals.
  • Counseling and Disciplining — teaches counseling and discipline skills related to employee misconduct, and outlines the progressive steps necessary for termination.
  • Budgeting — teaches budget skills including reading and creative budgets.