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Wellness Matters for Direct Support

Wellness Matters is a podcast for direct support professionals that focuses on self-care.

Join hosts Mark Olson and Chet Tschetter as they dive into topics and welcome special guests to discuss how you can support your practice by caring for yourself.

New! Episode 6: Trauma-Informed Support

The daily demands of being a direct support professional (DSP) can often lead to stress and burnout. And stress is more likely to make costly errors. Olivia Kaplan is a Life Success Coach at Carey Services in Marion, Indiana. In this episode of Wellness Matters, Olivia talks about what trauma-informed support is, and how it can benefit both the DSPs and the people they support. Trauma-informed support is about creating an environment where trauma is assumed and supported as part of the culture.

Listen to Wellness Matters for Direct Support wherever you get your podcasts. Wellness Matters is produced by the Institute on Community Integration at the University of Minnesota.

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