Frontline Initiative Spirituality

Frontline Notes

Dear readers,

Welcome to the spirituality issue of Frontline Initiative. This is the first issue of Frontline Initiative in its new format. In this format, we hope to offer practical information that can be used in your day-today life supporting people with disabilities. This new emphasis on training is meant to assist DSPs in further developing professional skills and increasing confidence in supporting people with disabilities.

This issue approaches spirituality from multiple perspectives; it also provides training material and discusses spirituality within the framework of NADSP’s Code of Ethics. We give special thanks to Reverend Bill Gaventa whose wisdom and insight helped develop this issue. We hope you find this issue meaningful and practical as you do the complex work of supporting others to lead self-directed, fulfilling lives.

Please share your thoughts about this issue with us and feel free to contact us with topic suggestions for future issues.

We are also moving toward electronic dissemination, so please go to to sign up for Frontline Initiative via email. Thanks for reading this issue on spirituality and for your commitment to supporting people living with disabilities in the community.