Tennessee LTSS Workforce Quality Improvement Survey 2022

Tennessee Middle
2022 Direct Support Workforce State Overview

Organization Characteristics

95% of services were provided in the Middle region, 3% in the East region, and 2% in the West region. Services were provided in 3,209 service sites, including 70% family or individual homes, 23% agency or facility sites, 2% job sites, and 5% other sites. 4,256 people received services, and 4,220 Caregivers/Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), 210 Frontline Supervisors (FLSs), 123 managers, 398 administrative, and 418 other employees than those previously listed were employed. Service types include 59% ECF CHOICES, 13% Vocational Rehabilitation, 46% DIDD Waiver, and 78% CHOICES (Non-ECF CHOICES).

Caregiver/DSP Employment

Of the 54 organizations who responded to employment types of caregivers/DSPs, 4% were on call or temporary employees, 37% were part-time, and 59% were full-time, and 51% of caregivers/DSPs worked across more than one service type.

Caregiver/DSP Vacancy

Of the 51 organizations who responded, overall vacancy rate was 16%. 26% of part-time positions and 16% of full-time positions were vacant.

Caregiver/DSP Turnover

Overall, there was 52% annual caregiver/DSP turnover in 51 organizations. Of those who left their positions in 2022, 60% of caregivers/DSPs left within 0-6 months of hire, and 25% within 6-12 months of hire. The top reasons caregivers/DSPs left their positions were as follows: 63% no call/no show, 55% found another job at another company, and 55% pay too low, needed better pay.

Caregiver/DSP Wages

51 organizations reported wage data. The hourly starting caregiver/DSP wage was $13.48, the average caregiver/DSP wage was $13.81, and the highest caregiver/DSP wage was $15.28. 24% of organizations paid caregivers/DSPs different wages across service types.

Caregiver/DSP Benefits

25% of caregivers/DSPs were enrolled in health care plans. 37% of organizations offered paid time off, 11% offered sick leave, 23% offered paid vacation, and 57% offered health insurance.

Caregiver/DSP Overtime

For the 45 organizations reporting, a total of 1,278,130 hours of overtime were paid out to caregivers/DSPs in 2022, costing organizations a total of $9,032,631.

FLS Wages

Of the 46 organizations reporting, the average starting frontline supervisor (FLS) annual salary was $39,289. The average FLS annual salary was $41,956. The highest FLS annual salary was $47,087.

FLS Turnover

Overall, there was a 35% FLS turnover rate in 36 organizations reporting. Of those FLSs who left their positions in 2022, 47% of FLSs left within 0-6 months of hire, and 39% left within 6-12 months of hire.

FLS Vacancy

The overall vacancy rate for FLSs in 37 organizations who reported was 22%.