Transition to Retirement: A Guide to Inclusive Practice: Adaptations for the Current U.S. Context

Transition to Retirement DVD

The DVD has 12 separate “chapters” (short videos), that include 6 individual video stories of participants in the TTR research project: Graeme, Cedric, Shirley, Stephen, Laurie, and Judy. Each individual story depicts that person’s community group and presents the person’s experiences.

The hard copy TTR manual has a physical DVD in a pouch in the book’s inside back cover. The DVD is formatted using the PAL system which is not compatible with many U.S. DVD players.

The eBook contains numerous short clips (brief segments from the DVD chapters) embedded in the text, that play when clicked.

Adaptations for the Current U.S. Context

Specific “chapters” from the TTR video that are freely available online:

Using the TTR video stories to provide potential role models for older workers with IDD and can inform them, their families, disability staff, and members of community groups about what may be possible.