Frontline Initiative Workforce Development

My Friend Charlie

He is my friend: I am his friend

I help him out: He helps me to learn

I help him to learn: He helps me to grow

I help him to grow: He teaches me to accept


His struggle: Is my struggle

His vulnerability: Leads to my respect

My respect: Leads him to trust

His trust: Leads to my devotion

His availability: Feeds my desire to be needed

I keep his secrets: He keeps mine

We have an arrangement


His lack of self-consciousness: Leads to my tolerance

His constant need for stimulation: Leads to my patience

His discomfort: Sharpens my sensitivity

His unhappiness: Is my challenge

His presence: Eases my isolation

His loyalty: Leads to my loyalty

Which leads to mutual appreciation


His brokenness: Makes me accept my own brokenness

Which leads to healing


His humanity: Leads to personal connection

His steadfastness: Centers me


His smile: Is my reward

His joy: Lifts my spirits

His happiness: Gives me a sense of purpose

His struggles: Expose my anxieties

Which tests me

Then strengthens me

And in turn bolsters my faith


In guiding: I am guided

In helping: I am helped

In teaching: I am taught


In his laughter: There is joy

In that joy: There is energy

In that energy: There is spirit

In that spirit: There is grace 


In his eyes: There is a glow

In that glow: Is his soul

In his soul: There is God

And in God: There is peace