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The Real Scoop

Welcome to The Real Scoop. Clifford is a self-advocate who has been politically active for years. He’s here to give you his spin on how to deal with issues you face as you forge ahead in your role as a Direct Support Professional (DSP). Seth has been a DSP for many years, and he loves to give advice. He may ruffle your feathers, but hey, it’s for your own good! Clifford and Seth tackle this one with a few suggestions.

Why become a certified DSP?

Dear Cliff and Seth,

Why should I become a registered and certified Direct Support Professional (DSP)? What’s in it for me?

Sincerely, Just Wondering


Dear Just Wondering,

The simple answer? Your future. You will be in on the ground floor of this important movement to recognize the profession of direct support. As more states and agencies buy into the professionalizing of DSPs, DSPs’ importance and power through training will increase. As we continue to work toward supporting people in achieving their dreams, you should see better salaries and opportunities. And your family and friends will finally recognize and know what it is you do for a living.

– Seth

Dear Just Wondering,

Becoming registered and certified will improve your standing at work and your professional status in the community. Plus, by taking training to become certified, you will gain the respect of your peers and show that you have the credentials for future advancement. We have been working long and hard to make credentialing a reality at the state and national levels. We have created this opportunity for you – now it’s up to you to take advantage of it.

– Cliff