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Travel and Accommodations

Colorful silhouettes of buildings in Pilsen IASE 18th Biennial Conference

Hotel Information

Accommodation of various categories is provided at discounted prices near the Conference Center. Please note that the accommodation price is not included in the registration fees. We have secured a variety of accommodation in Pilsen at preferential rates for the 18th IASE delegates. To take advantage of these special rates, please use the discount code "IASE2024" when making your booking. In order to secure a reservation at the hotel of your preference, we recommend making your booking as soon as possible. For more information about the hotels, availability & rates, and to make your reservation, visit our accommodation page. Please do not hesitate to arrange your accommodation soon. Pilsen, having been selected as a "European Capital of Culture in 2015," may attract a large number of visitors, and some hotels might be fully occupied.

Price Category 1

Hotel: Courtyard by Marriott Pilsen ☆☆☆☆☆ (50)

  • Webpage: Address: www.courtyardpilsen.cz
  • Distance to the Conference Centre: 5,5 km
  • Distance from the City Centre: 300 m
  • Reservations & Contact person: Vendula Poláčková, pilsen.reservations@courtyard.com (code IASE2024)
  • Prices: 2150 CZK/single room, 2350 CZK/double room
  • Note: 4 wheelchair accessible rooms available

Hotel: Congress Center Parkhotel Plzeň , ☆☆☆☆☆ (150)

  • Address: U Borského parku 2791, 320 04 Plzeň 3 – Jižní Předměstí
  • Distance to the Conference Centre: 2,6 km
  • Distance from the City Centre: 4,2 km
  • Reservations & Contact person: Tereza Číhová rezervace@parkhotel-czech.eu (code IASE2024)
  • Prices:
    • Early bird - valid until 29. 2. 2024: 1800 CZK/standard single room, 2450 CZK/standard double room, 2100/superior single room, 2650/superior double room
    • Late bird - valid until 1. 3. 2024: 1950 CZK/standard single room, 2650 CZK/standard double room, 2250 CZK/superior single room, 2850 CZK/superior double room

Hotel: Ibis hotel Plzeň ☆☆☆ (50)

  • Address: Univerzitní 65, 301 00 Plzeň 3
  • Distance to the Conference Centre: 2km
  • Distance from the City Centre: 5,7 km
  • Reservations & Contact person: Hana Lišková, H6734@accor.com (code IASE2024)
  • Prices: 1600CZK/single room, 1850 CZK/double room
  • Note: certain number of wheelchair accessible rooms available

Hotel: Hotel Roudná ☆☆☆ (25)

  • Address: Na Roudné 13, 301 00 Plzeň 1
  • Distance to the Conference Centre: 5,6 km
  • Distance from the City Centre: 1,5 km
  • Reservations & Contact person: Alena Krejčová, info@hotelroudna.cz (code IASE2024)
  • Prices: 1970 CZK/double bed room for one person, 2130 CZK/double room, 2250 CZK/double room with balcony, 2700 CZK/three-bed room, 2800 CZK/three-bed room with balcony, 3300 CZK/quadruple room, 3750 CZK/family room for five

Hotel: Hotel Palace ☆☆☆ Superior (25)

  • Address: Na Roudné 278, 301 00 Plzeň 1
  • Distance to the Conference Centre: 5,6 km
  • Distance from the City Centre: 1,5 km
  • Reservations & Contact person: Alena Krejčová, info@hotelroudna.cz (code IASE2024)
  • Prices: 1850 CZK/single room, 2070 CZK/double room for one person, 2230 CZK/double room, 2800 CZK/three-bed room, 3100 CZK/deluxe three-bed room

Price Category 2

Hotel: Hotel Slovan ☆☆☆ (30)

  • Address: Smetanovy sady 75, 301 00 Plzeň
  • Distance to the Conference Centre: 3,9 km
  • Distance from the City Centre: 950 m
  • Reservations & Contact person: hotel@slovanplzen.cz (code IASE2024)
  • Prices: 1400 CZK/single room, 2400 CZK/double room

Hotel: Hotel Prokopávka (40)

  • Address: K Prokopávce 45, 323 00 Plzeň 1
  • Distance to the Conference Centre: 9 km
  • Distance from the City Centre: 6,6 km
  • Reservations & Contact person: info@prokopavkaplzen.cz, (code IASE2024)
  • Prices: 830CZK/per person
  • Note: Wheelchair accessible rooms predominate

Price Category 3

Hotel type dormitory accommodation (25)

  • Hotel dormitory webpage (for photos of Machova St. dorms scroll down to the bottom of the page)
  • Address: Máchova 20, Plzeň, 301 00
  • Distance to the Conference Centre: 2,5 km
  • Distance from the City Centre: 3,5 km
  • Reservations & Contact person: Dr. Blanka Gruberová, uwb.dorms@email.cz
  • Prices: app. 650CZK/per person, single rooms or double rooms, breakfast not provided
  • Note: Rooms available from 25.6. 2024 as earliest


Transportation from Václav Havel Airport

To get from Václav Havel Airport to main train station, you can take the Airport Express, which runs every half an hour. The prize is 100 CZK and the Express goes directly between the airport and the station. Learn about the Express, tickets and departure times.

To get to the Praha – Zličín bus station, you can take city bus number 100, which departs from the airport from two stops, namely Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. A standard Prague Integrated Transport ticket is required for this connection, which costs 30 CZK and can be purchased from a ticket machine at the stop or on the bus. Find the exact departure times.

Transportation from Prague to Pilsen

There are both train and bus connections between Prague and Pilsen.

Both buses and trains depart from the main train station in the city center. Buses to Pilsen also depart from the Praha - Zličín and Praha - Florenc stops.

Find out about the individual connections and timetables.

Purchase train tickets online or at the train station. Purchase bus tickets , preferably well in advance.

Travel and Sightseeing around Czech Republic

Travel Agencies Plzeň and Prague

  • This travel agency based in Plzeň offers sightseeing trips, hiking, entertainment trips, themed tours, wellness and spa experiences, and many other interesting excursions. They also offer the possibility of traveling across Germany.
  • Contact: +420 377 246 995, info@intertrans.cz
  • Address: Slovanská tř. 5, 326 00 Plzeň
Ideální Zájezdy (Ideal Trips)
  • Ideal Trips deals with reselling tours and offers various interesting trips across the Czech Republic, such as trips to the Krušné Mountains, South Bohemia, West Bohemia, and many spa towns, among others.
  • Address: Pražská 6, Plzeň
  • Contact: +420 377 224 953, info@idealnizajezdy.cz

Places to See in Plzeň


One of Plzeň's landmarks is undoubtedly the Great Synagogue, which the city has proudly showcased since 1892. Not only beautiful from the outside, but also a remarkable interior. However, it's not the only synagogue in Plzeň. Visitors can also experience the charm of the Old Synagogue, which recently underwent reconstruction.

St. Bartholomew's Cathedral

A must-see for any visitor to Plzeň, St. Bartholomew's Cathedral welcomes visitors practically every day. The cathedral's tower offers an impressive view of the entire city, reachable after climbing more than 250 stairs. And for good luck, don't forget to rub the head of the angel on the cathedral's grille!

Plzeňsky Prazdroj Brewery

Beer is one of the most typical alcoholic beverages in the Czech Republic, often dubbed as the "liquid bread." Explore the behind-the-scenes of beer production with a tour of the Plzeňský Prazdroj Brewery.

Zoo and Botanical Garden of Plzeň + Dinopark

Visitors can enjoy a pleasant time at Plzeň Zoo, hosting animals of various species and sizes! For a break from animals, the serene botanical garden, part of the complex, is a great option. Fans of older species will surely appreciate the prehistoric inhabitants at Dinopark.


Techmania offers visitors a glimpse into the world of science, technology, and natural sciences. Visitors can experiment with various interactive exhibits, explore a 3D planetarium, gyroscope, and many other fascinating displays.

Patton Memorial Pilsen

A museum dedicated to the history of World War II, focusing on the progress of Allied forces that culminated in the liberation of Plzeň. A visit recommended not only for history enthusiasts!

Excursions to Other Cities

MariánskÉ Lázně
  • Distance from Plzeň: 75 km
  • Transport from Plzeň: Train: 1-hour journey Car: 1-hour journey
  • The spa town of Mariánské Lázně, located in western Bohemia, is one of the towns in the so-called Spa Triangle. The city's atmosphere is underscored by its typical architecture, presence of springs, and colonnades, with a singing fountain as a prominent feature.
  • Useful link:
Karlovy Vary
  • Distance from Plzeň: 81 km
  • Transport from Plzeň: Train: about 2-hour journey Car: 1-hour 10-minute journey Bus: about 2-hour journey
  • Karlovy Vary boasts a reputation as one of the most beautiful places in the Czech Republic. The town is renowned for its colonnades, Diana Observation Tower, and The Home of Becherovka (Becherovka being a typical alcoholic beverage in the Czech Republic). Karlovy Vary is also famous for the KVIFF film festival.
  • Distance from Plzeň: 43 km
  • Transport from Plzeň: Train: 1-hour journey Car: 45 minutes Bus: 1-hour journey
  • Klatovy serves as a gateway to Šumava and a transit station to the farther Železná Ruda. However, Klatovy itself is worth a visit! The town center features two towers - Černá (Black) and Bílá (White). Also popular is the Baroque pharmacy U Bílého jednorožce (At the White Unicorn). For the brave, a visit to the underground beneath the Jesuit Church, housing catacombs with mummies, is recommended.
  • Distance from Plzeň: 35 km
  • Transport from Plzeň: Train: 50 minutes Car: 35 minutes Bus: 40 minutes
  • History lovers will enjoy a visit to Švihov Castle in the town of Švihov (near Klatovy). The famous Czech movie "Three Wishes for Cinderella" was filmed here, and its atmosphere is particularly cherished in Czech households during Christmas.
  • Distance from Plzeň: 72 km
  • Transport from Plzeň: Train: 1 hour 20 minutes (change in Beroun) Car: 50 minutes Walking from Beroun: 9 km
  • The most famous monument in the Czech Republic is undoubtedly Karlštejn Castle, built by Ruler Charles IV in the 14th century AD constructed Karlštejn Castle. Several guided tours are available for visitors, and the view of Karlštejn from the outside is fascinating.
  • Transport to Karlštejn from Plzeň is ideal by train, although a transfer in the city of Beroun is necessary.

Travel Options in Prague

  • Languages: English, Czech, German
  • Contact: +420 608 828 848, helena.chmelirova@gmail.com
  • Professional guide Helena Chmelířová offers private tours to the most interesting places in Prague. She also organizes various trips across the Czech Republic, such as trips to Terezín, Karlovy Vary, Karlštejn, Kutná Hora, Český Krumlov, and more.
  • Pragulic Website in English
  • Language: Czech (external interpreter available for an additional fee)
  • Reservation: REQUIRED
  • Contact: pragulic@pragulic.cz, +420 725 314 930

Pragulic, a social enterprise, offers Prague visitors the opportunity to explore the city from the perspective of people without homes. The tours are led by homeless individuals who enrich the experience with their personal stories, offering a unique view of Prague.

Tips for Trips Around Prague
  • Distance from Plzeň: 91 km
  • Transport from Plzeň: • Train: 1 hour 17 minutes • Car: 1 hour 20 minutes • Bus: 1 hour (Praha-Zličín)

Street “Ve Smečkách”, Prague (nearby Wenceslas Square)
  • Bílá Vrána Café : This café employs individuals with intellectual disabilities and psycho-social disabilities, open Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 18:00.
  • Inspirace Sheltered Workshop : Providing opportunities for young women with disabilities.
Charles Bridge (Karluv Most)
  • It's the oldest standing bridge over the Vltava River in Prague.
  • The second oldest surviving bridge in the Czech Republic.
  • Many street artists, including musicians and visual artists, perform on this bridge.

Wenceslas Square (Václavskě Náměstí)
  • One of the main squares in Prague.
  • Leads from the National Museum to the border of the Old Town.
  • Statue of St. Wenceslas on a horse is located in this square.
Old Town Square (Staroměstskě Náměstí)
  • Located in the center of the Old Town.
  • The square features the unique Astronomical Clock (Orloj).
  • Surrounded by the Old Town Hall, Týn Church, St. Nicholas Church, Kinský Palace, and the House "U kamenného zvonu."
  • Monument to Master Jan Hus and the Marian Column.
Prague Castle (Pražský Hrad)
  • The most significant Czech castle.
  • The residence of the President of the Republic.
  • One of the largest castle complexes in the world.
  • Includes the magnificent St. Vitus Cathedral.
  • Historical fort, castle, and stronghold in Prague.
  • Significant Czech personalities are buried in the Vyšehrad Cemetery.
  • The Rotunda of St. Martin is also located here.
National Museum
  • A significant Czech museum with numerous exhibitions.
  • Located near Wenceslas Square.
Petřín Lookout Tower
  • A famous Prague lookout tower reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Offers a stunning view of the entire city of Prague.
  • Accessible via a cable car.
  • Petřín Gardens.
Prague Zoo
  • Extensive and beautiful zoo located in the Troja district of Prague.
  • Modern exhibits and pavilions showcasing animals from around the world. The zoo houses many fascinating animals such as the Przewalski's horse, Indian gharial, Tasmanian devil, Chinese giant salamander, and more.

In and Around Pilsen

“A Night with Opera“

Ending the theatre season with an opera under the open sky has been a tradition of the Josef Kajetán Tyl Theatre since 2015. The goal if the event is to present operas in their full monumentality and offer an extraordinary experience in the natural amphitheatre setting. The project annually attracts thousands of viewers, not only opera enthusiasts but also those who have not encountered opera before and prefer the informal atmosphere over a traditional theater visit. For the conclusion of the 2023/2024 season, we are once again preparing two performances – an opera and a musical. You can look forward to the festive opera "Libuše" by Bedřich Smetana, written for the opening of the National Theatre.

  • When: 28. June 2024 – 20:30 hod (8:30 PM)
  • Place: Amfiteátr Lochotín Plzeň
  • Address: Pod Vinicemi 928/6, 301 00 Plzeň 1
  • Tickets: not yet being sold
Techmania Science Center

Science shows, puzzles, experiments, classic and interactive exhibitions, unexpected experiments, unusual workshops and a super-modern planetarium. All this is offered by the Techmania Science Centre in Pilsen, which will convince the whole family in all weathers.

  • Address: U Planetária 2969/1, 301 00 Plzeň
  • Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday: 8:30 AM- 5 PM and Saturday and Sunday : 10:00 -18:00
  • Tickets: 280 CZK
Zoo Pilsen, Botanic Garden, and Dinopark

The Zoological and Botanical Garden of Pilsen is a zoological and botanical garden in Pilsen, the second oldest zoo in the Czech Republic. It breeds the most species of animals of any zoo in the Czech Republic and DinoPark Pilsen is an amusement and educational park in Pilsen.

  • Address: Pod Vinicemi, 301 00, Plzeň
  • Opening hours: daily - 8 AM - 6 PM
  • Tickets: 160 - 390 CZK (it is possible to buy ticket only for zoo or Dinopark (but the entrance for Dinopark is from street Pod Vinicemi)
Pilsner Urquell Brewery Tour

The Pilsner Urquell brewery offers tours, which will impress beer fans and history lovers. You will view the original locations where the famous Pilsner Urquell beer was born 180 years ago, and whose story continues even today. The culmination of the tour is a tasting of unfiltered Pilsner Urquell beer in the historical cellars.

  • Address: U Prazdroje 64/7, 301 00 Plzeň
  • Tour times: 9 AM - 6 PM
  • Tickets: 380 CZK
  • Available languages: CZ,EN,DE
Pilsen Historical Underground

During the tour you will get to see life below the town and uncover the secrets of authentic finds and nooks and crannies that are hidden underground. You will find out how the underground originated, and see for yourself in how many different ways it was utilised.

  • Address: Veleslavínova 58/6, 301 00 Plzeň 3-Vnitřní Město
  • Opening hours: daily 10 AM – 6 PM
  • Tickets: 190 CZK
  • Available languages: CZ,EN,DE
St. Bartholomew's Cathedral

The Gothic three-aisled cathedral stands on the Republic Square in Pilsen. The cathedral was probably founded together with the city around 1295. The cathedral is dominated by a tower, which you can climb and from which you have a wonderful view of the city and the surrounding area.

  • Opening hours: Weekdays 10 AM - 6 PM, weekends and holidays 13:00-18:00
  • Tickets: Free tours (free)
Pilsen Tower
  • Opening hours: daily from 10 AM - 6:30 PM, the last entry at 6:00pm
  • Tickets: Full admission 60 - 90 CZK
Náměstí republiky (Republic Square)

Square of the Republic is adorned with ornate townhouses and the Pilsen Town Hall. One of these buildings hosts the Museum of Puppets, boasting an extensive collection of puppets spread across three floors. Within the square, you’ll encounter the Golden Fountains, representing a gargoyle, a camel and an angel, symbols also featured in the Pilsen coat of arms.

Muzeum loutek (Museum of Puppets)
  • Address: náměstí Republiky 23, 301 00 Plzeň
  • Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday 10 AM - 6 PM
  • Tickets: 30 - 60 CZK
Mlýnská Strouha Park

It is a relaxation area just outside the centre, where you can sit by the water and walk around the colourful sculptures.

Big Synagogue
  • It is the largest synagogue in the Czech Republic and the third largest synagogue in the world after the synagogues in Jerusalem and Budapest.
  • Tickets: 80-120 CZK
  • Opening hours: Sunday - Thursday 10 AM - 5 PM
  • Address: sady Pětatřicátníků 11, 301 00 Plzeň