2017/18 Institute on Community Integration Annual Report

Community Message

Inclusion, equity, diversity, self-determination, and data-informed practice and policy. These core values drive us in our decision-making and daily activities at ICI. In my new role as Director of the Institute on Community Integration, these values are setting our strategic direction as we explore new approaches to improve policies and practices to ensure that all children, youth, and adults with disabilities, and those receiving educational supports, are valued by and contribute to their communities of choice.

Historically, our work has covered the lifespan, from early childhood through retirement. How and where people receive services and supports has changed and our structure has evolved to address this. ICI’s research, training, and outreach is now organized in four programmatic focus areas: Early Intervention, Educational Policy & Practice, Community Living & Employment, and Global Disability Rights & Inclusion. For each of these areas, we conduct research, demonstrate effective interventions, and conduct outreach and technical assistance. ICI also develops training and education programs that train community members, organizations, and graduate students. Entrepreneurial ventures, including Check & Connect and DirectCourse, are improving classroom performance, lowering student dropout rates, engaging families, and creating a more inclusive environment for people with disabilities throughout their lives. These ventures have led to greater collaboration and innovation while increasing the reach and sustainability of our work.

Thank you for taking the time to review this annual report. I welcome any comments and feedback you have about our work and appreciate your ongoing support and partnership.