Impact Feature Issue on Supporting the Social Well-Being of Children and Youth with Disabilities

Social Inclusion Resources

The following resources from around the country provide ideas about ways to support social participation and inclusion for young people with disabilities:

  • Paths to Inclusion: A Resource Guide for Fully Including Youth of ALL Abilities in Community Life . For youth with disabilities, opportunities to be part of extracurricular activities may be few or available only in segregated settings. This free online publication is designed as a guide to expanding those opportunities by helping youth program leaders and volunteers learn how to make organizations fully accessible to all young people. It's published by Mistubishi Electric America Foundation.
  • The Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning. This Web site offers resources and tools for families to use to help their young children with disabilities develop social and emotional skills needed for school. It includes training kits to prepare children for school, parent training modules, practical strategies, and videos. It's based at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee.
  • The National Center on Accessibility. Based at Indiana University, this center promotes access and inclusion for people with disabilities in parks, recreation, and tourism. On the Web site are extensive resources for use in making playgrounds, other facilities, and programs accessible to all.