TIES Lessons for All: 5-15-45

Five Minutes

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“We only have 5 minutes!” Time is tight! We get it. Let’s use these 5 minutes to their max. Grab your special or general education colleagues, lesson, and work through these questions together.

Discussion Guiding Questions

Success Indicators

What is the content of this lesson? 

What is the most essential content for all learners to know?

We have a mutual understanding of the essential content of this lesson.

What are the instructional strategies and activities in this lesson?

What instructional strategies and activities are most helpful for teaching the essential content?

We can ensure that our instructional activities teach the essential content.

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 Allison, a general education teacher, and Deb, a special education teacher, model use of the 5-minute guided discussion tool.

Do you have 15 minutes? Dig deeper in the next section.