TIES Lessons for All: 5-15-45

TIES Lessons for All: The 5-15-45 Tool

The Problem

This tool will help you go from borrowed, bought, or mandated lesson to a more inclusive lesson for all. Many teachers plan their instruction by using existing lesson plans. Starting with a lesson that comes from a curriculum package, online site, or colleague may save time, but also requires adjustment to meet your needs as a teacher and the needs of your students, especially those with significant cognitive disabilities. Think about your student with significant cognitive disabilities and what you are teaching, and let’s get started!

Video from the Web version of this publication:

5 15 45 Overview: https://www.youtube.com/embed/oZa3LKqpzL0

Welcome to the TIES 5-15-45 Tool.

Grab your lesson

Option 1

“I have a general education lesson plan or an idea for a lesson that I can start working with”

Option 2

“I know what content I am teaching, but need a spark of an idea for this lesson”

Check out these lesson plans:

Let’s connect with your colleague 

Let's get started! How much time do you have?

Select a timeframe to begin working on your lesson:

5 Minutes
15 Minutes
45 Minutes
  • In 5 minutes: you will identify the most important content (what) and instructional strategies (how) in the lesson.
  • In 15 minutes: you will dig deeper into lesson design and get ideas to implement a specific instructional strategy to reduce barriers for students,  including students with significant cognitive disabilities.
  • In 45 minutes: you will have the opportunity to build your own skills or facilitate learning opportunities for all students, including a student with significant cognitive disabilities.


Lessons Plans adapted from the Maryland State Department of Education MDK12 Site (External site)