Frequently Asked Questions

If decide to create a WebPub and a PDF, does my PDF have to be accessible?

Yes. To be included on the ICI website, all PDFs must meet federal accessibility standards. 

What will my WebPub look like when printed?

WebPubs are printed from the web. Our developers and designers worked hard to create a printing experience with logical page breaks and a polished appearance.

I need an accessible PDF. Will you help me make my PDF accessible?

Our intent is to raise the skills of all our employees in the area of accessibility. We will answer questions, share resources, and provide training opportunities to help increase your understanding of PDF accessibillity. 

How do I create a WebPub?

Contact to get the process started. If you are working with the Communications Team, we will work collaboratively with them to get your WebPub up and running.

What do I need to learn to create a WebPub?

Nothing. You do not need to learn any new skills to create a WebPub. You can give us your content in a Word document, Google document, or another format of choice. If you're intersted in editing your content in WebPub, contact We will provide you training and orientation on how to edit your WebPubs.