More About WebPub

Web Publications (WebPubs) are designed on a foundation of inclusion. WebPubs are created on the web and live on the web. WebPubs have built in accessibility components that make them accessible to users with a wide variety of disabilities, including: auditory, visual, motor, physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities. Explore each of the topics to learn more about WebPubs and if they’re the right choice for your project.

  • WebPubs are built on the web using code. Web based publications allow us to use techniques that make content available to the widest possible audience including: People with auditory disabilities; cognitive, learning, and neurological disabilities; physical disabilities; speech disabilities; and visual disabilities.
  • By default, WebPubs include a “read-it-to-me” feature, robust alt-text description, long descriptions for complex tables and images, the ability to add captioned audio and visual elements, and much more behind the scenes that makes our content as accessible as possible.
  • We can always create a webpub faster than an accessible PDF. 

  • Contact as soon as you think you want a WebPub.
  • We will work with you to meet your deadlines.
  • More time is always better.
  • WebPubs are cheaper to create because they take less time than acccessible PDFs.
  • WebPubs require tech team staff time (and potentially communications staff time) to do the initial set up and design.
  • WebPubs print directly from the web.
  • Each WebPub has an easy to find print button on each article page. 
  • Our developers and designers worked hard to create a printing experience that places page breaks in logical spots and creates a printed copy that is nice to look at.
  • WebPubs make content editing easy.
  • You can work directly with the tech team or you can make edits yourself.
  • If you would like to make your own edits, we will provide orientation and support on editing in the WebPub system.
  • WebPubs include easy “share” icons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email.
  • People viewing your WebPub can click on an icon and instantly share your article on their social media channels or by email.
  • Analytics are a tool to identify trends and ccan inform future communcations decisions.
  • You can collect more analytics with WebPubs.
  • The multiple page format of WebPubs means more views.

Analytics Comparison


Accessible PDF

What site did a person come from to land on your product

How many people clicked your PDF link.

In addition to your product, what other ICI products did a person look at

What ICI page was a person on when they left the site

How many people shared your product.

WebPub Examples

Impact: Feature Issue on​ Crisis Management for People with Intellectual, Developmental, and Other Disabilities

Policy Research Brief: The Direct Support Workforce and COVID-19