DirectCourse MN Crosswalks

Intersections between 245D Orientation Module and Positive Support Rule Core 8 Module

Updated 2/2022

This tool shows how DirectCourse: College of Direct Support (CDS) can help agencies provide competency-based training to all personnel, supporting the organization’s efforts to meet 245D and Positive Support Rule (PSR) training requirements. The list below illustrates how the content in the Core 8 Hours Training Module and the 245D Intensive Services Orientation Module interact and overlap. License Holders in Minnesota can use this content to guide new personnel through initial training. License Holder-specific and person-specific content can be provided in the Learning Management System via Linked Content or Annotations.

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DHS - MN 245D Intensive Services Orientation Module

(Approx. 32 hours of Suggested Training)

MN Positive Support Rule (PSR) Core 8 hours Training Module

(Approx. 8 hours of Suggested Training)

License Holder Policy, Procedures, Practices, and Forms through Linked Content or Classroom Training Venues (approx. 3.5 hrs. training for 245D and .2 hr training for PSR)

DHS Linked Content (approx. 1 hr. training)

DHS - MN Positive Supports Rule (PSR) Module is globally available for assignment on the MN DHS CDS site

  1. Introduction to the Positive Supports Rule (PSR)
  2. Positive Support Strategies and Person-Centered
  3. Prohibited and Allowed Procedures in the PSR
  4. The Roles of Professionals in the PSR
  5. Documentation and Reporting in the PSR

Person Centered Planning and Supports – L1

Person Centered Planning and Supports – L1

Positive Behavior Supports - L1 – 2

Positive Behavior Supports – L1 with Annotations

Individual Rights and Choices - L1

Individual Rights and Choice – L1

Community Inclusion - L1

Maltreatment: Prevention and Response - L2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 12, 14, 17, 18

Direct Support Professionalism - L1, 3

Safety – L1-4, 17-19

Universal Precautions and Infection Control - L1-11

Introduction to Medication Supports – L2, 3

An Introduction to Mental Health and Mental Illness – L2

Professional Documentation Practices – L3, 4

Personal Care – L3, 4, 5

Supporting Healthy Lives – L1

Emergency Preparedness – L1

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) – L1

You’ve Got a Friend – L1

Positive Behavior Supports – L4 & 5

Cultural Competence – L7