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Mental Health Domains Commonly Used in Wraparound Planning

The field of mental health also outlines important quality of life domains but these domains are a little different compared to the intellectual and developmental disability field. The term used in mental health tends to be "dimensions of wellness" instead of "quality of life domains" used in the disability field. It is important to choose the domains and/or dimensions that best fit each person and to decide how to measure these different elements of emotional and social well being.

SAMHSA’s Eight Dimensions of Wellness

  • Social – Developing a support system and feeling connected to others
  • Emotional - Having the skills to cope with stress and negative life outcomes
  • Spiritual – A search for meaning and sense of purpose
  • Intellectual – Knowing one’s strengths and expanding wisdom and skills
  • Physical – Achieving basic needs related to sleep, physical activity, and diet
  • Environmental – Living in positive settings that support well being
  • Financial – Satisfaction with current finances and future plans
  • Occupational – Obtaining a sense of positive meaning from one’s work
Rocks of varying size are balanced vertically on each other. The rocks are symbolically represent how we must balance many different issues in life in order to achieve well being.

Since each person is different, the quality of life and wellness measures that are selected will be unique. For example, a young mother may be struggling with depression while celebrating the birth of her child. An older man may be retiring with a comfortable pension while discovering that his children just lost everything to a forest fire on the west coast. When starting the FBA process, the team will need to consider each dimension and consider what type of assessment, survey, questionnaire, or other measure could be used to better understand a person’s quality of life.

Combined Domains



Combined Domains