Frontline Initiative: Self-Care for DSPs

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Your work makes a difference. Hopefully you hear that often, but it never hurts to be reminded that you make a difference to the people you support, their families, and our society itself. You give so much of yourself to others. We want to ensure that you are supported, too. Maybe it’s sharing a laugh. Perhaps it’s advice to tackle a complex issue. Maybe it’s a word of encouragement from your supervisor, a parent, or someone you support. It could be hearing from your peers and colleagues who are doing similar work and truly understand what you do. Or maybe it’s just finding a minute to catch your breath and hit “reset.”

We recognize that as a Direct Support Professional (DSP), you, your colleagues, and your supervisor may all work in different locations. Your time together is often limited, making communication more difficult and straining relationships. Quillo is an app designed just for you, helping you feel more connected to your team and to your work.

Quillo national leaders Joe Macbeth and John Raffaele hear from national leaders, self-advocates, parents, and colleagues.

What is Quillo?

Quillo is a new mobile app designed to engage, inspire, and educate DSPs through the use of positive video messages. We recognize how important your work is and we are here to help build better lives for DSPs through building relationships. We do this through an innovative platform that we think will make you smile, make you think, and since relationships are the core or your work, we help you build and nature relationships with others who are doing the same work you do, the people you support, and their families.

Quillo uses the power of short videos that are each 60 seconds or less. The videos are delivered to your smart device, such as a phone, tablet, or desktop computer. The messages in the videos will remind you how important you are to others. Each day, a new set of videos are available. All videos focus on your well-being. They promote tips to help you with your job. Each video provides you with an opportunity to learn. We seek out people who inspire from around the country, as well as stories from your own organization. You’ll recognize national leaders, such as NADSP’s Joe Macbeth and John Raffaele, Betty Williams, and Peter Leidy, as well as emerging leaders like Jason Freeman. Initial user data shows 50% of DSPs using the app report improved relationships with the people they support.

Why Quillo?

What is your greatest success story that you would like to share? What would it mean to have a way to capture these moments and share positive experiences from your work?

The Quillo team has over 70 years of experience in supporting individuals with disabilities. We understand the importance, relevance, and significant impact of the work you do every day with the people you support, your co-workers and your entire community. Because of our experience we know how important it is to DSPs, the people they support, and their families that the workplace culture is healthy. This is why we focus on the well-being of all.

How Do I Access Quillo?

If Quillo sounds like a good fit for you, consider trying the mobile app for free. Contact us and we’ll set you up with a trial so you can check out the app. If you like what you see, talk to your supervisor and ask them to consider giving us a call to see if your organization wants to join the Quillo community. Organizations subscribe to Quillo for the low cost of $3 per user per month — just 10-cents a day to send positive, meaningful, and uplifting message to DSPs.

Contact John Dickerson at (317) 626-4387 or We are ready to support you to build better relationships and better lives. John is the Founder and CEO at Quillo.