Impact Feature Issue on Paraeducators Supporting Students with Disabilities and At-Risk

Where to Look for Volunteer Opportunities

Every community – large or small – has volunteer opportunities and needs. Below are some typical places where people volunteer, and where adults and youth with developmental disabilities may want to explore volunteer options:

  • Faith communities
  • Youth-serving organizations
  • Special celebrations (e.g., parades, Cinco de Mayo, Kwanzaa, city festivals)
  • Civic and business groups
  • Sports leagues and events
  • Community beautification committees
  • Libraries
  • Schools (K-12, pre-school)
  • Refugee/immigrant centers 
  • Nursing homes and hospitals
  • Crisis services (e.g., homeless shelters, food banks, counseling centers)
  • Arts organizations
  • Charitable organizations
  • Block clubs
  • Park and recreation programs
  • Literacy programs
  • Historical societies and museums
  • Organizational and agency boards
  • Fundraisers (e.g. for organizations, communities, and individuals)
  • Community gardens
  • Food coops
  • Nature centers
  • Community access television
  • Election activities (e.g. voter registration drives, candidate campaigns)
  • Disaster relief efforts
  • Advocacy and education organizations (e.g., disability, environmental, human and civil rights)
  • Senior centers
  • Student service and leadership groups 
  • Animal shelters, wildlife rehabilitation centers