Impact Feature Issue on Parenting Teens and Young Adults with Disabilities

From the Editors

The passage from childhood to adulthood is a passage for families as well as individuals. As young people with disabilities move from their teen to adult years, they and their families experience many growing pains in common with all families at that stage of life. In addition, there are often milestones, questions, concerns, needs, and challenges unique to individuals with disabilities and their families. In this issue ofImpactwe explore strategies for families of teens and young adults with disabilities to consider in navigating the transition years with their young person, and share stories of those who are in the middle of it or have come out the other side. 

For the generation of young people with disabilities reaching adulthood today there are ever-expanding opportunities to pursue adult lives that reflect their goals, dreams, ambitions, values, and life visions. And there are still barriers to that achievement – limitations in services, supports, resources, and options. It’s our hope that the articles in thisImpactwill provide a glimpse of what is possible, offer useful ideas for moving past some of the limitations that get in the way, and support families, teens, and young adults in dreaming big and realizing those dreams.