35th Anniversary Edition

Direct Support Workforce Solutions

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Direct Support Workforce Solutions is a national consulting group addressing the workforce needs of organizations providing community-based supports for individuals with disabilities. Drawing on more than 30 years of research, training, outreach, and evaluation, the group helps organizations develop and implement workforce strategies that reduce turnover; attract, recruit and retain qualified talent; and engage and prepare their workforce to deliver high-quality services. Finding, training, and keeping workers has never been more important. Solutions to the direct support workforce crisis are critical to ensure that people with disabilities can live, work, and participate fully in their communities. For more information, visit dsws.umn.edu.

Volume 36, Number 1 | Spring 2023

35th Anniversary Edition

Issue Editors:

Amy Hewitt, Director, Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

John Smith, Research Project Specialist, Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Managing Editor: Janet Stewart

Graphic Designer: Sarah Curtner

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Editorial Assistant: Julia Thomalla

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