TIES Lessons for All: 5-15-45

Forty-five Minutes

“We have 45 minutes!” 45 minutes might be a time when you have a common planning period, when you have time after school, or when your students are with a specialist. You now have time to learn and do much, much more. Make sure you have your lesson, collaborative partner, and l et’s make the most of this opportunity.

Discussion Guiding Questions

Success Indicators


What is the content you are teaching? 

What is the most essential content for all learners to know?

We have a mutual understanding of the essential content of this lesson or lessons.


What are the instructional strategies and activities?

What instructional strategies and activities are most helpful for teaching the essential content?

We can ensure that our instructional activities teach the essential content.

What is one barrier to learning we anticipate for our student with significant cognitive disabilities?

  • Is it related to student interest or engagement?
  • Is it related to the student’s background knowledge or access to language and symbols?
  • Is it related to how the student shows what they know (i.e., foundational skills, communication)?

We have identified at least one barrier for the student with significant cognitive disabilities.

All learners can engage in meaningful conversations about the essential content with their teachers and peers.

Now, let’s come up with one way to remove this barrier?

We are changing our instruction so that it removes/reduces barriers.

Maximize your impact: How could other students benefit from this new instructional strategy or option?

We have considered how this new instructional strategy or option could benefit all students.

Let’s remove some more barriers. Where do you expect students to get stuck? Are there places where you will need to reinforce through pre-teaching or re-teaching? Where do you want students to focus their attention and problem solve?

We are changing our instruction so that it removes many barriers, but still allows for “desirable difficulties”  or “productive struggle.”

How can all students have options to go through the lesson in a flexible way to build concepts and skills? What will success look like?

The learning experience now has multiple paths for students, including  clear paths for your student with significant cognitive disabilities.

Download printable discussion template (Google Doc)

Give Me Some Ideas and Resources!

Inclusive Strategies. Check out these UDL-inspired strategies.
Inclusive Big Ideas. Check out these standards-based resources.

“I am ready to go beyond this lesson”

Super, you have more time. Let’s use it to think beyond making one great standards-based lesson to implementing your ideas across lessons or throughout units.

Do you have more time? Implement across lessons or throughout units.