TIES Lessons for All: 5-15-45

“I am ready to go beyond this lesson”

Super, you have more time. Let’s use it to think beyond making one great standards-based lesson to implementing your ideas across lessons or throughout units.

Discussion Guiding Questions

Success Indicators

Ongoing Strategies and Supports

What are strategies we can use across multiple lessons or units?

We have identified strategies we can use again in multiple lessons or throughout a unit.

How are we leveraging peer support to allow students with significant cognitive disabilities to teach and learn from their fellow students?

We have integrated meaningful opportunities for peers to learn from  each other and collaborate.

How are we using teachers and paraprofessional support to empower student interdependence?

We are strategically using the adults across lessons so as to maximize student interdependence.

How can we create a menu of supports that will help us to remember which supports and instructional strategies best help this student to successfully learn?

  • During whole group instruction
  • During small group work
  • During tests/quizzes
  • During presentations

We have created resources that will allow us to easily remember and implement these supports and instructional strategies

Success Check

What will success look like for all student(s)? How will we know that they are learning the most important concepts and skills?

We have multiple and flexible ways to assess student learning that align with the most important concepts and skills of the lesson or unit.

How can we continue to collaborate and problem solve throughout the year?

We know what supports are working well for students, especially the student(s) with significant cognitive disabilities.

We are actively looking for barriers that persist for students, especially the student(s) with significant cognitive disabilities.