Frontline Initiative DSP Recognition

DSP Excellence Award Winner:
Winsome Hope Badroe


Winsome Hope Badroe is a Direct Support Professional at New Horizons Resources.

In this article, Winsome Hope Badroe reflects on how her education has made her a better DSP and furthers her professional goals.

I study Humanistic Multicultural Education, a particular approach to human services. This area of study is both life-touching and life-changing, and it will equip me with the information and techniques I need to continue working in this field. 

Humanistic Multicultural Education embraces diversity and uses cooperative structures learning to enhance students’ education. Students learn group dynamics, such as interpersonal skills, group thinking, teamwork, diversity in the workplace, leadership, and cultural competence. This approach also builds learners’ advocacy skills by teaching us to support the people we serve to advocate for themselves. Students learn effective listening skills, which help us to focus on the message that an individual is sending to us beyond spoken words. Students also gain conflict resolution skills to help us resolve conflict in the workplace and in our personal lives. The approach also teaches the barriers and opportunities of working in this field, such as self-determination for the individuals we serve, self-fulfillment for the staff, and the financial restraints that sometimes prevents an agency from going the extra mile as a care provider.

My motivation for choosing this area of study is to make a difference in the lives of the people that I support. I believe that if I can help one person each day when I go to work, then I have done my job and my living will not be in vain. I strongly believe that the individuals that I serve have potential in one or more areas, and I will continue to assist them in developing their potential, so they can self-actualize their dreams and aspirations in life. As a Direct Support Professional, my general responsibilities are to teach and encourage individuals to achieve self-determination, and to advance my new skills. But my job goes above and beyond this – my work is to provide an environment where the people I support feel love and belonging. This environment should also be conducive to learning, where we can use our mistakes, or even the mistakes and challenges of the people we support, as “teachable moments.”

To provide true quality of life for the people I support, I must see the capabilities of the individuals beyond their disabilities. I have created and implemented activities that stimulate their minds, using different modalities such as arts and crafts, dancing, music appreciation, and gross motor activities. I incorporate community inclusion and community integration as part of developing friendships and to generate a community circle of support and network.

My studies are in accordance with what I need to become a great human service worker.

In conclusion, I would like to thank Dutchess Community College, Empire State College, and SUNY New Paltz for meeting my educational goals. The depth and breath of these studies will help me become an excellent Direct Support Professional. I am humbled and honored to have received such a wonderful educational experience.