Frontline Initiative DSP Recognition

In Their Own Words:
DSPs Speak Out

NYSACRA hears the voices of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) by providing open forums at DSP conferences and other events. These voices help guide a comprehensive strategy to promote direct support workforce issues such as access to quality training and higher education, recognition, and salary enhancement.

Here is what DSPs tell NYSACRA:

“Two things that would go a long way in assisting DSPs are recognition of the importance of the work we do and additional training. I was fortunate to have participated in the College of Direct Support and look forward to continuing my education.” – Residential Services DSP

“The most rewarding part of this job is assisting people achieve their goals – be it living independently or getting a job, et cetera – seeing their pride in what they’ve accomplished.” – Day Services DSP “I’ve seen people fresh out of college who love this work, and would want to do it for the rest of their lives, but can’t afford to. The cost of everything is going up. They move on to better paying fields.” – Day Services DSP

“Having accompanied the people I support to the emergency room, I appreciate how important my advocacy is. I take on their voice when they can’t give their histories or say how they are feeling – the medical staff at the hospital just don’t know them. I’m there to ensure their care is what I’d expect for myself or my family. Direct Support Professionals need to be recognized for the advocacy we do on behalf of people with disabilities.” – Residential Services DSP