Frontline Initiative DSP Recognition

Mid-Hudson Coalition, Inc. Presents DSP Excellence Awards

The Mid-Hudson Coalition, Inc. (MHC) recognized six direct support professionals with DSP Excellence Awards at the 15th annual conference held at Dutchess Community College in Poughkeepsie, New York on June 14, 2007. The theme of this instructive and celebratory conference was “The Gift of Many Hands.” The conference was attended by nearly 400 DSPs.

The awardees were Lucinda and Robert Sucato of Abbott House, Vanessa Timperio of the Anderson Center For Autism, Cindy Pommerenke and Winsome Badroe of New Horizons Resources, and Betty Botsford of New Hope Community.

Since 1989, the MHC has had a working partnership comprised of 32 private organizations in an 11-county area, including educational institutions, individuals, government, and international affiliations. MHC members believe that quality supports for people is defined at the point of service. Therefore the purpose of MHC is to enhance the competence and career of DSPs through post-secondary educational opportunities. Because our members provide supports to individuals from infants to seniors, our coalition recognizes excellence across the lifespan.

Congratulations Direct Support Professionals!

Lucinda and Robert Sucato have been foster parents for almost eight years. Not only have they provided a loving home for children with an array of behavioral and emotional problems, they have also adopted five children. They are now in the process of adopting two more children from the foster system. The youngsters who have left their home are still connected with “mom and dad” Sucato.

Vanessa Timperio works as a classroom aide with youth ages 12 to 21 who have autism. Vanessa always goes way beyond the requirements of her job. Her work is of the highest quality. She enlists students as much as possible with her humor, dependability, and sense of responsibility. She accomplishes all this while carrying a full load of college courses that will lead to an educational degree in human services.

Cindy Pommerencke is successful with adult women and men with disabilities because of the complete respect she has for each person. Even on her busiest days, Cindy ensures that everyone is a part of meaningful community living experiences. Highly principled, Cindy embodies the DSP Code of Ethics.

Winsome Hope Badroe continuously seeks innovative ways of providing person-centered services. Her peers acknowledge her for recognizing the distinct personal choices of people with disabilities. Hope is also a role model regarding her educational and self-development pursuits. Working full-time and taking care of her family, she earned her bachelor’s degree in human services and is now studying for her master’s degree.

Betty Botsford has already received her agency’s Staff of the Year award and other awards for embodying the universal mission of Direct Support. The two qualities that distinguish Betty in her supports of adults and seniors are her superb verbal and pre-verbal communication skills as well as her intense commitment to be person-centered in everything she does. This empathic professional is an inspiration to all her peers in human services.