Frontline Initiative DSP Recognition

Frontline Notes

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the Recognition Issue of Frontline Initiative. We would like to introduce Lori Sedlezky as the newest member of our editorial team. Lori was a Direct Support Professional and supported people with disabilities for many years. She embraces the principles of the NADSP and respects the hard work of DSPs across the country.

This issue highlights the recognition of direct support professionals in all its forms. How do agencies recognize their workforce? Read what organizations such as United Cerebral Palsy, NYSACRA, the Mid-Hudson Coalition, and New Horizons have done. Learn more about the NADSP credentialing program. Part of recognizing the DSP workforce is providing education and training to further careers and improve supports to people with disabilities. Learn how you can become a part of this growing movement.

Don’t miss the State-of-the-Art Column to learn about how DSPs are integral to the design and development of recognition programs. Hopefully, this will inspire you to make changes or support recognition efforts within your own organization.

We will also explore some creative and fun ways that DSPs have brought recognition to the workforce. Learn about Sean Delaney’s hip-hop video that highlights the value of people with disabilities in our community and of the DSPs who support them. He has already reached more than a quarter-million people through YouTube.

In summary, there are many ways to recognize DSPs and organizations for the valuable work they do. We encourage you to think about what recognition means to you: How do you want to be recognized? Recognition is so important. That is why we bring you this issue. Perhaps you will feel more recognized after reading this. But most of all, we hope you will use this information to recognize your colleagues, promote recognition strategies within your organization, advocate for legislative changes that promote the DSP workforce, or get creative and find your own way to recognize yourself and those around you. Joining NADSP is another great way to get connected and start recognizing the DSP workforce.

Congratulations to all DSPs – for the hard work you do and all that you bring to your community by supporting people with disabilities! Let us all recognize our own value.