Impact Feature Issue on Political Activism and Voter Participation by Persons with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities

From the Editors

An important part of being an American is participating in our political system. As Americans, we have the responsibility to help elect the kind of government leaders we want to have in our communities, states, and nation. We have the right to speak out on issues that are important to us and to let our leaders know our views. And we have the privilege of influencing the making of laws and policies that affect our lives.

This issue of Impact is for individuals with disabilities and those close to them who would like to be more involved in the American political system. It has information about how to vote, who can vote, and ways to change voting laws that limit the opportunity for people with disabilities to vote.  It gives tips for talking with elected officials about issues, and about getting educated about issues and candidates. It tells the stories of individuals with disabilities who have run for office, volunteered to work on political campaigns, and worked with others to change laws and policies that affect their lives. And it describes ways in which people have protested policies and laws through direct action.

We hope that readers of this issue will find at least one new way to make their views known to our country’s leaders, and to exercise their power as Americans to shape our country.