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Impact Feature Issue on Meeting Transportation Needs of Youth and Adults with Developmental Disabilities

How I Learned to Ride the Bus: Nick's Story

My name is Nick and I’m from Houston. I used to ride the special education bus, but when I was in middle school I told my mom I did not want to ride that bus anymore. My grandma rode with me on the city bus to and from school for about 15 days until I learned where to get on and off. It was okay until one time I went the wrong way; I did not recognize the houses and stores, and I told the bus driver. He asked me “Where are you going?” and I said, “I’m going to 13th Street.” He had me get off at a transit station and change to another bus. The second bus driver told me when we were at 13th Street and I got home. In high school I volunteered at Texas Children’s Hospital on Fridays, and I went on the 26 bus from my house to the Medical Center. Soon I was taking the bus just to see where it went. I found out that the 40 bus goes to the mall, the 50 bus to Hobby Airport (I got off and walked around to see the planes take off and land), and the 82 bus goes to Galleria (I wanted my teeth whitened but mom said no). The bus drivers are always very nice and helpful if I have a question or if I’m lost. I have my cell phone and come home before dark. After I graduate I will take the bus to work.

Contributed by Nick Lewis, Houston, Texas.