Impact Feature Issue on Sexuality and People with Intellectual, Developmental and Other Disabilities

From the Editors

As this Impact issue is about to be published, one of the pioneers in sexuality education for persons with disabilities has just passed away. Her name is Winifred Kempton and one of the reasons this Impact issue is able to provide the depth and breadth of information it does is that she was among those who, over 40 years ago, publicly acted on her conviction that individuals with intellectual, developmental and other disabilities have the right and need to receive information about sexuality. The tools she created for sexuality education (including a dozen books as well as sexuality education programs she authored or co-authored) approached individuals with disabilities as fully-formed people with an intrinsic right to know about and participate in this part of the human experience. She was a genuine advocate in the truest sense, and will be missed.

Today, other pioneering voices are carrying on that advocacy and education work, and in this issue of Impact readers will have the opportunity to hear from some of them as they talk about the range of issues that are part of sexuality in its fullness. It's our hope that the articles gathered here will provide information and inspiration that further support the right and opportunity for people with intellectual, developmental, and other disabilities to understand and express this essential dimension of human life.