PROMISE: Lessons learned from six model demonstration projects through the Promoting Readiness of Minors in Supplemental Security Income Project

Section 2: Profiles of Six Demonstration Projects

PROMISE reached youth in SSI and their families in 11 states through six model demonstration projects (MDPs). Five of the MDPs were single-state efforts while the sixth was a consortium of six western states. Each MDP served a unique population and geographic area. While the MDPs were built around core service elements and other requirements, they differed based on the population of youth in SSI in their areas. On the following pages, key demographic data points and unique features are provided for each MDP. Data collected for these graphics were compiled from PROMISE directors and publicly available documents, including: Mathematica PROMISE Evaluation: Interim Services and Impact Report (note: this report collected data from participants 18 months after they were enrolled in the PROMISE program); and Mathematica Process Reports for each MDP.

Participation numbers represent totals as of September 2019. Preliminary outcomes were compiled from Mathematica reports and represent data collected at an 18-month checkpoint. Please review each infographic in detail to understand the source of the data. These infographics were created to highlight data points across projects. Additional project-specific data can be found on each project’s website listed below.

Data sources are noted in the footnotes of each project’s profile.

All Mathematica reports on PROMISE  

Additional information and reports on the PROMISE project