Planning Mentor Professional Development

What is Mentor Professional Development?

Professional development (PD) for mentors is an opportunity to develop and reinforce skills, celebrate & build on success, address any barriers to implementation, and ultimately have a positive effect on student learning and engagement.


After initial Mentor Training, PD should occur at least once per month. Coordinators are encouraged to have monthly meetings for all mentors as well as individual meetings with mentors needing or seeking further support.


C&C Coordinators can provide PD to mentors directly, or arrange for other experts to lead sessions depending on the topic. Other experts may include:

  • Proficient mentors (Review your mentor's MPP PDF self-assessments to determine mentors who are proficient in specific areas)
  • Administrators
  • Community members
  • Social workers
  • Cultural liaisons
  • School psychologists


Check & Connect has designed several fidelity tools to help coordinators identify mentors’ areas of need. Examples include: