Examples of Skill-Building in Positive Supports

Skill-Building Activity: Augmentative and Alternative Communication

White mother and daughter use an ipad

Augmentative and Alternative Communication PDF (slides)

These slides describe strategies that can be used to help people communicate. Sometimes, strategies and tools are needed to help people talk with others, especially when the person has trouble using verbal speech to communicate. This area is called Augmentative and Alternative Communication, or AAC for short.

The Definition of AAC

  • AAC: refers to the systems and devices used to help support someone with limited verbal speech or who are nonverbal communicate with others
  • Augmentative: Adding to someone‚Äôs speech using systems and devices
  • Alternative: Strategies and devices that replace verbal speech

Recorded Presentation of Augmentative and Alternative Skill-Building Activity

This section includes a video of Dr. Adele Dimian who shared these slide in a virtual presentation.

  • High technological devices like Ipads and computers with text to speech programs
  • Low level technology strategies including picture symbols, drawing tools, communication boards
  • Schedule systems that include objects, visual pictures, words, or a combination of these strategies
  • Sign language, gestures, body language, nonverbal vocalizations (no devices at all)