Universal - Person Centered PBS Strategies

Introduction to Positive Social Strategies

Welcome to the web series on Universal - Person Centered PBS Strategies. This web series is brought to you by the Minnesota Department of Human Services, and the University of Minnesota’s Institute on Community Integration.

This collection of pre-recorded presentations focuses on Positive Social Strategies and are intended for individual and organizational development. The focus of this series is on improving communication and organizational dynamics by exploring topics that contribute to healthy individuals and teams.

This four-part series includes discussions regarding these topics:

  • Building Relationships and Communication
  • Mindfulness and Wellness
  • Empathy and Cultural Responsiveness
  • Conflict Resolution

These webinars are intended to be interactive and encourage discussion and sharing of ideas by participants. Throughout each presentation there will be times when the trainer will ask that you pause the video to reflect or complete an exercise. We encourage you to work with your internal colleagues in some fashion. For example, have a virtual meeting and go through the sessions together, or create small groups, or pair up if possible, viewing these webinars. Resources, forms, and handouts are indicated and included with each session.