Universal - Person Centered PBS Strategies

Empathy and Culture

This component of Positive Social Strategies focuses on Empathy and Cultural Responsiveness. Being empathetic is an essential part of being able to make a positive connection to another person, and connection is the key to successfully supporting someone. When we practice empathy, we need to listen and notjudge, and we need to meet people where they are. This fits perfectly with the need to be Culturally Responsive, which involves learning from and relating respectfully with people of your own culture as well as those from other cultures.

Participants will learn:

  1. the important difference between empathy and sympathy.
  2. that we need to manage our own emotions so that our emotions don’t negatively influence situations with people who we support.
  3. that learning about culture is an infinite, lifelong process and we need to remember that everyone has their own beliefs and world view
Video from the Web version of this publication:

Empathy and Culture: https://www.youtube.com/embed/BNLpSOtDA2M