Impact Feature Issue on Children with Disabilities in the Child Welfare System

Information on Adoption Subsidies in Each State

The National Adoption Information Clearinghouse Web site offers information on state-funded adoption assistance programs in each of the states. The clearinghouse, a service of the Children's Bureau, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, provides details on the following for each state:

Who is Eligible for Adoption Assistance?

  • What specific factors or conditions does your State consider to determine that a child cannot be placed with adoptive parents without providing financial assistance? ("What is your State definition of special needs?")
  • What are the eligibility criteria for your State-funded adoption assistance program?
  • What is the maximum amount a family may receive in non-recurring adoption expenses from your State? (Adoptive parents can receive reimbursement of certain approved, "one-time" adoption expenses incurred in the process of finalizing a special needs adoption).
  • Does your State enter into deferred adoption assistance agreements? (In some States, adoptive parents can enter into an agreement in which they choose to defer the receipt of a Medicaid card, the monthly monetary payment, or both and can elect to receive the Medicaid card and/or monetary payment at another time.)
  • When may adoption assistance payments and benefits begin in your State?
  • How are changes made to the adoption assistance agreement in your State?

Post-Adoption Services

  • What types of post adoption services are available in your State and how do you find out more about them?

Medical Assistance

  • What mental health services are provided by your State?
  • Does your State provide additional finances or services for medical or therapeutic needs not covered under your State medical plan to children receiving adoption assistance?

Fair Hearings

  • What is your State's process for applying for a fair hearing? (A fair hearing is a legal, administrative procedure that provides a forum to address disagreements with agency decisions).
  • What is your State Web address for general adoption information?
  • What is your State Web address for adoption assistance information?
  • What is your State Web address for State-specific medical assistance information for children?