Feature Issue on Crisis Management for People with Intellectual, Developmental, and Other Disabilities


Resources for Understanding the Pandemic

A Self-Advocate's Guide to COVID-19

This 9-part guide offers plain-language information on the pandemic, including a sample advocacy letter about having support people in the hospital with patients with , understanding benefit payments and stimulus checks, and other important information for self-advocates to know.

Pandemic Upends the Lives of People with Disabilities - and their Caregivers

This story, part of a partnership between Wisconsin Watch, Wisconsin Public Radio, NPR, and Kaiser Health News, captured individual stories of people with disabilities and the support professionals who assist them .

Resources for Emergency Preparedness

My Safety, My Responsibility, My Plan

This multi-session training module assists people with disabilities to understand and be prepared for emergencies. It was developed by the Westchester Institute for Human Development and the Red Cross of Westchester County.

Global Disability + Disasters Panel: A Conversation with Young Leaders.

This video features four young leaders with disabilities addressing critical policy and program work on inclusion in four countries.

Higher Ground: The Dedication of Direct Support Professionals During and After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

This documentary film tells the story of Direct Support Professionals who, despite long hours, low pay, and tremendous stress and trauma, continued to provide support services during and after devastating storms, while often not knowing the fate of their own families.

Resources for Understanding Police Violence

What is Police Violence? Plain-language Toolkit

This guide, written in 2020, explains the intersection of police violence, disability, and race PDF . It also includes a plain-language video that explains the concept of systemic racism.