Getting started with telehealth for early intervention: Learning modules

Celebrating your child!

Your child is wonderful. You are the expert on your child and your providers want to hear all about them from you!

As your child begins early intervention, your provider wants to celebrate your child’s success with them and with your family. The goal of intervention is not to change who your child is, it is to help support their growth in different developmental areas to improve their quality of life.

Some families may wish to put up a picture of their child with a brief description of what they like and do not like, their personalities, and to share fun and unique things about them. You can do this as a way to introduce your child to new providers or to have in the background.

It can be helpful to check in at the beginning of intervention sessions to see how your child is doing, and this can include things that are going well, such as new things they have recently done or enjoyed.

It is also helpful to remember that your child is listening when you are talking with their providers, so encouraging your family and your provider to talk about your child in the “first person” as opposed to talking about them as if they do not hear you while they are in the same room.

Celebrating your child during early intervention helps to build their confidence and to reflect on your child and your family’s accomplishments.

Congratulations, you have completed Module 4: Intervention with your child over telehealth.