Getting started with telehealth for early intervention: Learning modules

Opportunities to learn

Providing many opportunities to learn gives children practice on developing new skills. This can be thought of similar to doing “reps” of lifting weights. The more “reps” one does, the stronger they become at that skill.

The same holds true to teaching new skills to children.  Although your provider will skip the heavy weights and instead focus on giving your child many times to practice the new skills that they are working on.

  1. Often there are more opportunities for skills that are new to your child (often referred to as “acquisition” skills).
  2. For acquisition skills, opportunities to learn may be provided closer together, for children to build momentum in learning.
  3. Fewer opportunities to learn are needed for mastered skills (often referred to as “maintenance” skills).
  4. For maintenance skills, opportunities may be spread out across a period of time.
  5. All opportunities to learn should be presented in various ways that are fun and engaging. 

As children become more fluent in skill areas, they are often able to learn new skills in that area with fewer opportunities to respond over time.


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