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Thank You to Our Healthcare Workers


Cliff Poetz was a founding member of People First Minnesota and a Community Liaison with the Institute on Community Integration.

[Cliff Poetz passed away on March 25, 2021. He prepared a series of posts to run through the year on Self-Advocacy Online, a website he co-founded.]


I would like to thank all of our healthcare workers for their efforts during this crisis. Without them, people wouldn’t be able to get their medication or the medical attention they need. They are working hard to make sure we stay safe. A lot of us stuck at home might be getting anxious, but we need to remember the sacrifices and efforts being made by healthcare workers and we need to do our part and be patient.

I would also like to thank all the direct support professionals (DSPs) that are continuing to work during this time.  Your work is very important.  So many people with disabilities rely on you and your support, patience, and dependability. Your work helps improve the people you serve’s quality of life. It can be hard to be thankful and patient during this time, but it is still just as important, if not more.

As a community, we need to make sure we are listening to healthcare professionals and their guidelines.  Please do not try treatments that are not scientifically based or are not suggested by your doctor. These can be harmful and dangerous and could increase the workload of the doctors and emergency workers that are already spread thin.

Thank you again to doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, and DSPs. Be safe and responsible and be sure to take care of yourselves as well. Good luck to you and I hope we will all do our part to make it through this together.